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self-portrait of fantasy author, Kyro Dean
Kyro Dean
Nurturer of Plants and Plots

Kyro is an award-winning author of fantasy, romance, and sassy steampunk. Her first novel, "The Baron's Ghost," can be found on Kindle Vella, and her co-written series, The Fires of Qaf, can be found on Amazon.

Other than writing, Kyro loves to play the piano, bake, and kickbox. Her shelves are covered in equal parts books and plants, as well as a few books about plants. She loves to laugh, loves easy-laughers, and will talk to anybody about anything.

Kyro has written over 25 books in many genres, including YA, science fiction, Middle-Grade, graphic novels, fantasy, alternate history (steampunk), and poetry. She also owns, writes, and edits for the Vanilla Grass Writing Resources blog to help writers improve their craft.

She has presented at many conferences and for many organizations, including American Night Writer's Association, Write Here in Ephraim, and LTUE. She is always happy to present a class or presentation, so make sure to contact her if you're looking for a guest speaker!

You can check out her musings on Twitter and Instagram at @Kyro_Dean. Or visit her author website to see her newest releases and get in contact!

Awards And Nominations

Both Laya and Kyro have published novels. Laya's thriller, "The Lumbermill," has received several accolades. Kyro's works live in the shadows of ghost-publishing and have received high-praise and glowing reviews.

  • Dean -2020 Won the American Night Writer's Association Beginning of Book Contest

Our Team

Janelle Youngstrom
Janelle Youngstrom

Janelle Youngstrom graduated from Brigham Young University with a BA in Creative Writing and is a member of SCBWI. She has been the vice president of the Write Here in Ephraim Writer’s Conference, a workshop speaker, is currently the manager of an online productivity writing group: Janelle's Sherpa Services (JSS), vice president of the Wasatch Chapter of the American Night Writers Association (ANWA), and publicist for Eight Moons Publishing. When she’s not reading or writing picture books or fantasy novels, you’ll find her painting or baking and spending time with her family of seven.

To find out what else Janelle is working on, visit her website: janelleyoungstrom.com or follow her artwork on Instagram or interests on Pinterest: @jyoungstrom.

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